Tag your life's journey
everywhere with

Every object, place or
experience can have
its own tag.

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how to use itagged

Tag the World

You can drop a tag onto anything in the universe.

Open the iTagged mobile app & look through the screen to view tags around you or simply create one yourself.

  • Explore & save places, activities & events
    around the world in real-time
  • Connect with people based upon your
    shared interests or location
  • Find something unique & exciting every time you explore

Keep, share &
discover the
world using

Imagine being able to seamlessly capture our surroundings & live, relive, & share our greatest moments in life.

Any object, place or experience can have its own tag. Our augmented tags are viewable publicly or secretly & people can follow tags, add photos, videos & comments anywhere in the world.

iTagged is beautiful, intuitive & takes social sharing & real world discovery to a whole new level.

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how to use itagged how to use itagged

How to use iTagged?

iTagged will surround us like the air that we breathe. It will change how we connect, communicate, learn, discover & entertain ourselves.

Shoot a mobile video at an event, add a public tag & invite other people around you to add their content & capture the moment forever.

Enhance your trip to a foreign country & tag every restaurant, gallery or place of interest you see. Keep this secret for the next time you go back or share with a friend who’s going so they know all the best places to go.

At a family celebration create a public tag & invite everyone to share photos, videos & conversations in one place. Share the tag with other family anywhere around the world in real-time. Let people who can’t be there join in the fun.

Want to be a part of an event happening somewhere else in the world, no problem. Draw a circle on the live map & view all the public tags at that exact location. Follow other people’s tags & profiles & discover new connections based on your shared interests.

Drop a secret tag & only share with your friends, colleagues or clients. iTagged is perfect for group collaboration & private sharing to one or more people.

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

- Arthur C. Clark, Writer

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Augmented tags that you can drop on anything in the universe!

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An easy way to follow tags & people so you never miss a moment.

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Discover new things anywhere in the world with live tag mapping.

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Create private groups to share videos, photos & comments.

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Shoot 10-second stop frame videos, take photos & add filters & effects.

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Instantly share any tag to Facebook, Twitter & the web.